ML forecasting feature

Hi, I would like to know will odfe ML support forecasting in the future?

hi, @bpavani, can you help answer this question?

Hey @ftlj,

Yes- we do plan to support forecasting in the future. Currently we are working on trend analysis of historic data and we will be building on this to support forecasting. We would love to learn more about your use case if you could share.


My use case is base on historical system performance metrics such as cpu or memory utilization to forecast the coming days or weeks figures. Maybe trend analysis with predictive function already fulfill my need.

Hi,are there and news about it ?
I need to di a forecasting about product that i have to buy, can i use opensearch ?

hi, @Oltre thanks for your interest. We do plan to support forecasting, and possibly that will be in this new ml-commons plugin GitHub - opensearch-project/ml-commons: ml-commons provides a set of common machine learning algorithms, e.g. k-means, or linear regression, to help developers build ML related features within OpenSearch..

We’d like to gather your requirements first to support you better. Can you elaborate your use case and expectation? Like just time-series forecasting and how long do you prefer to predict?