Machine Learning


Are there currently any plans for Open Distro for Elasticsearch to have a machine learning feature similar to X-Pack?


Hi @cameronattard can you be more specific about what your requirements are around machine learning features? Being specific would help us prioritize too! :slight_smile:

Hi @alolitas,

We’d like to be able to use machine learning to perform anomaly detection on our data and raise alerts when anomalous activity is detected.


I’m interested in this feature for my ELK stack and is there any update on it?

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Stay tuned! And please join in our online Community meetup every other Tuesday where we cover updates on the Open Distro roadmap. Please join here →

Hey All,

Based on the use cases, we have applied machine learning to search analytics and log analytics.
For search analytics, we are working on k-NN.
For log analytics, we recently released the alpha version of anomaly detection.

We will be updating these projects on a regular cadence. Please take a look at these and provide your feedback. If there is any specific feature you would like to see, please feel free to comment here as well.