Community blogs about using Anomaly detection

Hi All,

I am new to use the anomaly detection plugin. I am looking for any community blogs/write ups/videos and also some sample data which they have use to test anomaly detection. I see very few blogs from amazon on this. hence reaching out here

hi, thanks for your interest in anomaly detection plugin. We are working on blogs now. Want to learn more about what’s your most wanted, like how anomaly detection plugin works, how to use anomaly detection etc.

any published blogs so far ?

Yeah, check these blogs. You can search “opendistro anomaly detection” to find these blogs too.
1.Redirecting to

2.Introducing real-time anomaly detection in Open Distro for Elasticsearch | AWS Open Source Blog

3.Using Random Cut Forests for real-time anomaly detection in Amazon OpenSearch Service | AWS Big Data Blog

4.Redirecting to

5.Real-time anomaly detection support in Amazon Elasticsearch Service

6.Redirecting to

Thanks. I have seen these blogs already. As mentioned blogs like getting started with some sample data and sample use cases would help beginners to learn and experiment and adopt it.

Sure, thanks. We are building some sample detectors which may help user to learn. github issue: Add sample detectors · Issue #218 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/anomaly-detection-kibana-plugin · GitHub, PR: Add sample detectors and indices by ohltyler · Pull Request #272 · opendistro-for-elasticsearch/anomaly-detection-kibana-plugin · GitHub

Once our tutorial blog ready, will post the link here.