Anomaly detection tab is greyed out

Guys, sorry for stupid question. But I can’t get to understand how can i access Anomaly Detection tab. My setup is:
Centos 7, ELK 7.8.0, odfe plugins - security, anomaly detection, alerting and job scheduling.
What am I missing?

Can’t see anomaly detection icon on Kibana? Can you confirm you have installed both ES and Kibana plugins?

bin/kibana-plugin list --allow-root

bin/elasticsearch-plugin list

Looks like anomaly detection Kibana plugin not installed. Can you install and retry?

I found my issue - i didn’t install anomaly plugin, cause this wasn’t somehow mentioned in docs. I installed it from release from github, restarted kibana and i can see it. Sorry for disturbing.

Thanks for your time and for your help. I appreciate this.

My pleasure to help. I think we should improve the doc to make it clear. Can you share the doc you referred to?

I followed this doc - Standalone Kibana Plugin Install - Open Distro Documentation
I guess Anomaly Detection installation path should be pointed somewhere in Install section. (If i knew how i would make a pull reques to doc repo.)))

Seems anomaly detection installation path is missing, will confirm with team and add it.

@dizaar this is the latest anomaly detection kibana plugin installation URL:

Will add it to installation doc later.

We have added anomaly detection kibana plugin installation URL on this page Standalone Kibana Plugin Install - Open Distro Documentation