Micro-profile distribution for 50-100K documents

I inquired in the Solr Slack community if there was a micro-profile of Solr that didn’t have all the clustering and cloud support for indexing millions or billions of documents. They said that the engine is geared for much larger use cases than mine and it’s inextricably embedded in their code base.

My use case is to build a Knowledge Center with documentation about a single product with a maximum of 50-100K documents for full-text search only. We need hierarchical faceted search. It’s the size of the Docker image of Solr that has raised red flags for product R&D teams. They don’t want the Knowledge Center to have a bigger software footprint than the product software itself.

Lucene has faceted search functionality these days, but there’s no up to date REST API on top of it other than Solr, OpenSearch, and Vespa from what I can tell thus far. Any guidance for my use case would be appreciated. There are some Github projects that have attempted to do it, but the ones I’ve seen either haven’t been touched in more than 5 years or have many other dependencies.

Is OpenSearch architected to provide such a micro-profile distribution or is it solely focused on very large datasets?