Managing Dashboards through Administrator

Hey guys,

I posted a while ago for Kibana multi-tenancy configuration where we had to limit user access based on the value of a field, @aetter guided me through configuring multi-tenancy but we are using FLS and not tenants because of the added complexity and I can’t seem to generate more than 1 tenant using the same procedure. Well, not being able to add tenants is not my concern for this problem but rather, how can I manage dashboard for all the users I have created centrally. Right now, I am just creating roles and mapping users to them then logging in as the user and importing the dashboards but it has become a tedious process and I need a way to manage the dashboards (particularly update them) via central management (user)?


Hi @ashim, let me know if I’m misunderstanding the request, but can you just map the admin user to each of the roles that has tenants? That way, you wouldn’t have to log in/out. Instead, you’d just go to the Tenants tab, switch tenants, and do whatever you like.

If you don’t want to use the admin account, you could of course do this with a separate, more limited account (tenants_admin).

Hey @aetter,

Our business case requires different users as the credentials will be handed out to different parties. Is it possible to create multiple users then have FLS for them, put them in the same tenant with read only permission then have an administrator kind of account with Read Write permissions on the dashboards and manage the dashboards from that account ?


Hi @ashim, yeah, of course. Just specify the same tenant in multiple roles.

One role, tenant_admin, that has read/write for all tenants, and then make as many roles as you need for the other users, each role with index/DLS/FLS settings and read permissions to one or more tenants.

@ashim did you get this working as needed?