Unable to create dashboards on admin user using private tenants users


We are trying to create dashboards for all custom users using admin user but while we are selecting from global tenant to private custom tenant and after created dashboards for the private custom tenant but while accessing on custom user and selecting the custom tenant we are unable to find our created dashboard for that tenant which we created in admin user

if anyone having the solution please do reply

Sairam kollati

@sairamkollati Just to make sure I understand your issue.
You created a custom tenant “test_tenant” and using admin account you create kibana objects (index pattern, visualisations, dashboards) in that tenant, but when another user logs in and connect to test_tenant, they are not able to see any objects?
Do you see any errors on the GUI? Do you see any objects at all? If the user doesn’t have access to view index that kibana object was created from, they will not be able to view that object, but it should still appear and produce error when selected. What version of odfe are you using?