Long outstanding Kibana feature requests

There are a load of old issues that have been raised with Kibana from over 7 years ago that have had tons of upvotes but given the lack of action it seems that Elastic themselves are not interested in implementing any of these ideas.

I see that the OpenSearch Dashboards issue for Nested field support seems to have had way more traction than the graveyard that is the corresponding ticket in Kibana.

What is the best way of increasing visibility of these feature requests and transferring them over to OpenSearch Dashboards? Should I create corresponding issues for the things I care about, or is there a better way to triage the highest voted features?


Hi @jong I think you hit the nail on the head: go ahead and open an issue in OpenSearch Dashboards. Adding a link that refers to the discussion and issue about the corresponding feature request in Kibana would provide helpful context.

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We already fixed many of these annoying bugs in OpenSearch Dashboards. There were lots of UI issues with longer fields and small dialog boxes.

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FYI- Nested field support is not an unusual request. I think I’ve head it a few times in the past few weeks. Definitely put that as an issue!

Hi @jong,
For the nested field support feel free to tell us on the github issue if there is anything you would like to see in particular.
For now I am working on the pie chart visualizations. It’s already working I am writing tests right now.