Something similar to Elastic Kibana Logs dashboard in OpenSearch

Hello all!

One thing that is keeping me out of changing from Elastic to OpenSearch is the kibana logs section which is used in Elastic Kibana dashboards. Is something similar in OpenSearch plugins to the Kibana Logs section?

I am talking about something like this:

@cruizba What about that is important to you? Live streaming?

It’s the simplicity in comparison with the discover section and, yes, the Live streaming.

I find it quite useful to debug stuff instead of the “Discover” section.

On the other hand, our application has a lot of events, so in consequence, our app generates some kibana URLs which links to this dashboard, with each URL link having different filters and timeframes applied, which makes debugging pretty pleasant.

I was just wondering if there’s something similar in OpenSearch :thinking: .

Thanks for your quick answer :slight_smile:

TBH I’m not aware of any plans for anything like this. But I know some folks are thinking about how to make Dashboards more usable. @kvngar Any thoughts in the realm of usability?

Actually, I was reminded of this (on the roadmap for 1.3 at the moment)

Oh that’s actually pretty cool! Thanks