Feature Request - live streaming logs

Opendisto team -

As many, many folks use ES and Kibana for log aggregation - it would be beneficial to support live streaming of logs in Kibana.

Inspiration for what this could look like could be seen here:

Do you think this is something we could see in short order?

Thank you


we are working on this feature, will open an RFC on this shortly for feedback.

Contributions are welcome, we could chat here or schedule a chat.

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Any news about this feature?

Would be keen to see an update here too , really key feature for operations teams

Any news on this ? Logs app is x-pack only and logtrail is EOLed with current version of Dashboards/kibana

I know @anirudha said it was coming, but a lot of features have been reshuffled in OpenSearch transition. I don’t see it on the roadmap currently.

Since this was brought up by @ryn9, we have a better process to propose new features. It might be a good idea for you folks (@louzadod, @r2690698, @ger, and @ryn9) to collaborate on the proposal. That’ll give it the best chance of getting into the distribution.


None of the features for opensearch observability have moved. All are on track and in the roadmap for 1.2. I added a ticket link above.

We will be demoing the features next Tuesday in the community meeting.

Thanks to @searchymcsearchface

Let me know if you have any questions

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ahhh It’s an observability feature. I should have thought of that :man_facepalming:

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Sorry, people. I didn’t read this on time. I opened a new feature request https://github.com/opensearch-project/OpenSearch-Dashboards/issues/768

@anirudha , I can see that observability feature has already release in 1.2.0, but did live stream log feature include? If yes, any guide how to do the live stream log?

Looks like this is targeted for 1.3.