Logstash-filebeat-Opensearch version compatibility

Hi Team,

I will install logstash but I’m not sure which version is compatible with beat 7.12x and opensearch 2.5.

I’m sure opensearch 2.5 comtatible with beat 7.12.x.

When I check opensearch website,OpenSearch 1.x to 2.x is compatible with Logstash 8.x+ with OpenSearch output plugin But there is no matrix for beats and logstash on opensearch website.

When I check elasticsearch website for matrix, 7.10.2 elastic is compatible logstash till 7.17.x.But opensearch website say 8.4 compatible with 7.10.2

So what is the latest compatible logstash version with opensearch 2.5 and filebeat 7.12.x?
Also if I install logstash from elastic website, is there any differences between versions of logstash?



hello @a.emrekaraman - does this matrix resolve your question?