Logstash / beat compatibility

Hi team,

There is a logstash-oss-with-opensearch-output-plugin-8.6.1 version. Is this version compatible with Beats OSS 7.12.1 ?

Matrix say that Logstash 7.13.x with OpenSearch output plugin is compatible with Beats OSS 7.12.1 .

Thanks for help.

Hey, I would guess that they should be. Are you having some issues with it?


Before use them, I wanted to be sure they’re compatible but no clue for they are compatible.

Hey @a.emrekaraman

Im using that now


With winlogbeat-8.7.0

I dont notice any issues so far. but i did have to use this setting inLogstash output.

ecs_compatibility => disabled


Thank you for info :slight_smile:

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