Logstash Elasticsearch Input Plugin, Request signing

We are using Logstash with the Elasticsearch Input Plugin. While developing we noticed that this plugin doesn’t support AWS request signing. Looking around in the OpenSearch Github repository we found that the Elasticsearch Output Plugin has an OpenSearch twin here: GitHub - opensearch-project/logstash-output-opensearch: A Logstash plugin that sends event data to a OpenSearch clusters and stores as an index.. This one does seem to support AWS request signing. Is the “logstash-input-opensearch” plugin something that will be available at some point?



I don’t think that’s currently on the roadmap but I’d be curious if anyone else has this particular use case.

I believe a lot of people has been using workarounds for this particular case such as GitHub - abutaha/aws-es-proxy: aws-es-proxy is a small web server application sitting between your HTTP client (browser, curl, etc...) and Amazon Elasticsearch service. but the ability to reingest and update events via logstash pipelines should really be given official project support.

I’ve also placed a feature request at opensearch-input-plugin for logstash · Issue #121 · opensearch-project/opensearch-plugins · GitHub

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