Keywords filter not working for some data

.keywords filter not working for some data.

I need to build a visualization with a particular group

Occurs with new records

The only case I have seen something like this was when the query behind the auto-complete failed due to producing too many buckets. Let’s try a few things:

  1. Does it work if you do MiLocal? (mind the case which has to match the text)
  2. It sounds like you are able to filter with some other values on the same group_exec field. Can you confirm that?
  3. If you open the Developer Console of your browser (usually with F12), go to the Network tab, and locate the call being made, can you see if the response has valid results? (after opening the Network tab, clear anything that is shown and then start typing in the field; this will make it easier to locate the calls being made to fetch the matches)