Is there any Puppet Module for installing and configuring Open Distro?

Hi all,

I am new to Open Distro and I have not installed it yet. My question is very general and I would appreciate any feedback: is there any Puppet Module to install Open Distro which is accepted by the Community?

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Apologies for the delay. In case you need this feature, please raise a Github Issue and we will prioritize it on the roadmap.

Thanks for the reply virajph. Issue submitted Puppet Module Open Distro.


Made this as temporary solution: GitHub - ComBin/puppet-opensearch: OpenSearch Puppet module


nice! Are there any modfications regarding package installation? As far as
I understand the roadmap, the plan to create Debian packages has been
dropped or at least postponed for some time. The tarballs seem to be the
right way to install Opensearch on Debian.


I use Centos that’s why in my case just need configure official OpenSearch yum repo.