Debian Packages

Are Debian packages available for version 1.2 and if so where can they be downloaded

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Hello @wgreen - all available downloads are here: Opensearch 2.2.1 · OpenSearch

To follow up, this is on the roadmap:

We are still yet to release Debian package for OpenSearch yet. You can track the progress here

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@bbarani Is there anyway we can make it work in ubuntu , until deb pack is ready ?
i had created Does RPM package work on Debian based distributions like Ubuntu? for some help .

Hi @dinesh We currently don’t have official Deb distribution yet. You can still try to convert RPM to Deb distribution using available tools for testing (Ex: How to Convert RPM to DEB files in Linux - Fedingo) but we don’t recommend it for production use.

ok , sure .
I will wait for official deb release and manage with RPM in centOs until then.

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@bbarani Do we have any ETA now for Debian support?

hello @dinesh - it is currently targeted for 2.5.0 and is being tracked here:

2.5.0 is live and the Debian packages too, take a look at Debian - OpenSearch documentation

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Holy Cow we got a Debian distributions for OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards directly and Im still alive :laughing:

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