Is there an ODBC (Windows) driver for OpenSearch?

I have downloaded and installed the ODFE ODBC driver (v1.13.0.1) and tried to connect with a new OpenSearch v1.1.0 cluster with no success. I get the “Connection error: Failed to establish connection to DB” error message that others have reported.



Nothing heard …

I’d really like to get PowerBI connected to my OpenSearch cluster, but the OpenSearch docs point to the github site, and the github site points to the docs … but neither have a location to download the .msi file so I can install the driver on my windows system.


An issue has been opened for this issue in the GitHub repo:

The issue does tell where you can git the downloads, but (as mentioned in the issue) it is rather obtuse and not for the faint of heart. Then again, OpenSearch is not for the faint of heart …

These are now available on the downloads page:
Opensearch 1.2.4 · OpenSearch