Is Open Distro compatible with the Transport Client?

I do not find any documentation at all about the Java Transport Client in the Open Distro documentation, but that does not necessarilly mean it is not supported. :wink:

I have 2 questions regarding it:

  1. Is Open Distro compatible with the Java Transport Client? Can we use it?
  2. If it is supported in Open Distro, then
    1. what are the elasticsearch.yml configuration properties I should configure to enable it?
    2. are the Java Transport Client configuration properties the same ones that the official Elasticsearch supports?


Hi team, can anyone help me?

Hi, can anyone help here?
Thanks a lot.

I have clarified this thanks to a GitHub issue I created.

The summary is:

  • If you do not need security, so if you do not use the Security plugin, (for some weird reason) it will probably work because the Open Distro is based on the Elasticsearch Open Source version and that version is compatible with it. The Elasticsearch Basic version is the one that would allow you to use the Java Transport client with security but Open Distro is not based on that version.
  • If you care about security, it won’t work because you will need to install the Open Distro Security plugin and that plugin does not support the Java Transport client.