Open Distro for Elasticsearch 0.7.0 is now available

Welcome. Everyone to our first release of Open Distro for Elasticsearch!

Open Distro for Elasticsearch will welcome developers and contributors from across the industry to invest in these important technologies with the confidence that they will always remain open source and permissively licensed. The new advanced features of Open Distro for Elasticsearch are all Apache 2.0 licensed. With the first release, our goal is to address many critical features missing from open source Elasticsearch, such as security, event monitoring and alerting, and SQL support.

You can download, begin using, and contribute to Open Distro for Elasticsearch today. The security features available in this initial release include encryption-in-transit, native Active Directory, LDAP, and OpenID authentication, roles-based and granular access control, and audit logging. Other key features include integrated event monitoring and alerting that opens up the full flexibility of the Elasticsearch query language to notify you of changes in your data, SQL support including REST and JDBC support, and an advanced performance analyzer. To download and learn more about Open Distro for Elasticsearch, visit