Indices:data/read/async_search/submit error OD

Hi guys , lately i installed OD security plugin on ELK 7.10.0 , so i created a user whith backend roles a kibana_user and kibana-read_only so it will only display dashboards , everything works and data is displayed but there is two graphs that give me this error

[Indices:data/read/async_search/submit error]

the firs graph is a lens graph and the other is created using another plugin !!
any ide whats worg or which roles i need to set to bypass this error ?

Thanks in advance.

@HeiDri I am experiencing the same issue. Were you able to resolve this?

@g-man @HeiDri Can you try to add a role to the same user with below permissions using roles.yml and roles_mapping.yml files, you will need to upload the new config using, which will overwrite any changes that were done using UI or API, therefore backing up those changes using same script and --retrieve option is recommended prior to uploading new configs:

    - index_patterns:
        - '*'
        - 'indices:data/read/async_search/submit'
        - 'indices:data/read/search'

Seems to fix the issue with lens graph, not sure about the graph from another plugin