If we maintain version parity, are custom Elasticsearch Plugins compatible with Opensearch?

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We build custom elasticsearch plugins and install them on our elasticsearch clusters. We will have to replicate it to opensearch and maybe build and maintain both and install them on both elasticsearch and opensearch clusters. I was curious if we could just install the current plugins that we build for elasticsearch on opensearch as well? Does this work or do we have to build them from scratch as well using opensearch dependencies


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I’m not sure how your plugin is related to k-NN plugin, I see it has k-NN tag. If you built custom plugin that extends k-NN plugin code, then in general it’s not possible. While core libraries are not delivered with a plugin, they are required in runtime. Say this class from k-NN - it uses class from core OpenSearch, so assuming you want to run it in Elasticsearch - it will fail as most probably mentioned class is not available.