Is the K-NN comparable with the latest Elasticsearch vector search feature?

Hi all.

I’ll be very lazy and ask around as opposed to dive deep :stuck_out_tongue: is this

equivalent (now or evenctually) to the Script score query | Elasticsearch Guide [7.3] | Elastic

AND OR Outlier detection | Machine Learning in the Elastic Stack [7.3] | Elastic ?

would there be plans here for dataframes?

These topics (advances in information retrieval and data transformation processing for AI) are extremely important and i feel a good community could crystallize about keeping these topics in the open on Elasticsearch.

could it make sense to have a forum for ML and advanced Search features?


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ping? :slight_smile: (oh the post must be at least 20 chars)

Hi @jccq good suggestion. We will setup a ML forum for discussions focused on related Open Distro components.