How to install opensearch-prometheus-exporter to opensearch pods

The Prometheus exporter looks nice. We’d like to enable this plugin for testing purposes. Thus, the opensearch cluster is deployed via Helm Char in our enviornmnet. Any suggestion on how to install this plugin to the OpenSearch cluster on top of K8s?

Thanks // Hugo

Solved. It needs some more effort to compatible with OpenSearch 1.3+.

Hi Hugo,

Sorry for late notice. To find official releases supporting OpenSearch 1.3.x and later you can check GitHub - aiven/prometheus-exporter-plugin-for-opensearch: Prometheus exporter plugin for OpenSearch


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Thanks @lukas-vlcek

We have it running now and it’s pretty awesome.

The index level metrics are not working for our setup. Perhaps it’s due to our OpenSearch cluster is running on top of K8s by Helm Chart?