Prometheus exporter plugin and released!

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the new release of the Prometheus exporter plugin for OpenSearch 2.6.0 and 1.3.8 . You can find all latest plugin releases here .

This is a maintenance release, please visit Release Notes and Release Notes for details.

Feedback welcome.

For issues and new feature requests please use the Issues section.



This is super! @pgodithi do you think this should get pulled into the OpenSearch Kubernetes operator? May really speed up the collection of metrics.

Hey @dtaivpp thanks, ya there is an open PR Monitoring os by idanl21 · Pull Request #415 · Opster/opensearch-k8s-operator · GitHub for monitoring the Operator and it dynamically loads the plugin with cluster version. So with the cluster version the prometheus plugin will be fetched and installed.


Oh I totally missed that. Sounds great though looking forward to this!

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