Prometheus exporter plugin released!

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the new release of the Prometheus exporter plugin for OpenSearch 1.3.0. You can find all latest plugin releases here.

Please see Release Notes for new features and bug fixes.

At the same time we are moving the plugin code and development to a new GitHub repository. You will still be able to find plugin releases for OpenSearch 1.2.4 and earlier in the previous location.

I would like to specifically thank @aparo (Alberto Paro) for his effort and pioneering work on migrating this plugin from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch. I am looking forward to the continued work on the plugin, with Alberto and any other community members interested.

Starting with OpenSearch release 1.3.0, the plugin development and releases are moving to the new location (kudos to for donating not only the enterprise GitHub plan space but also contributing to plugin development).

Feedback welcome.

For issues and new feature requests please use the Issues section.



This is amazing! I’d love to get this on the community projects page.


How can I help with that?

It’s all self-service :slight_smile:

There are instructions on how to do the PR at the top of the page.

@searchymcsearchface Can we get an opensearch container image with the exporter plugin as well? It will be far more easy to integrate it with helm charts like GitHub - nickytd/kubernetes-logging-helm: Scalable Kubernetes logging stack with Opensearch

It’s not a bad idea. Not my call to be honest!

I would put a feature request issue in on opensearch-project/opensearch-build.

Here we go: Add Prometheus exporter plugin for OpenSearch by lukas-vlcek · Pull Request #750 · opensearch-project/project-website · GitHub