How to deploy a reranker model from huggingface in OS 2.12.0?

I am looking for a way to deploy a reranker, such as “BAAI/bge-reranker-base” from huggingface but there seems to be no way in the docs. I appreciate your help. By the way I tried the below and got an error.

POST /_plugins/_ml/models/_register
“name”: “huggingface/BAAI/bge-reranker-base”,
“version”: “1.0.2”,
“model_group_id”: “lbqp2o0BGEwtBVzUVrNf”,
“model_format”: “TORCH_SCRIPT”

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: This model is not in the pre-trained model list, please check your parameters.

Could you please provide us with the step you followed to generate ml-commons/ml-algorithms/src/test/resources/org/opensearch/ml/engine/algorithms/text_similarity/ at main · opensearch-project/ml-commons · GitHub (and the onnx version)

We will need these steps and prepare other cross-encoders in huggingface.


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