How to add custom index pattern to Trace Analytics in Observability

Hey y’all,

In our OpenSearch instance we have two index patterns which contains Trace data.

First index is default ‘otel-v1-apm-span-*’ with defult type (I mean we didn’t specify template for this index) and second pattern with custom name so we added two templates ( otel-v1-apm-service-map-index-template.json and otel-v1-apm-span-index-template.json).
Both index pattern contains almost same data - source is different clusters but trace data is no different. We can search both indexes in Discovery part of OS with no problem.

Problem is, in Observability we don’t see any data from second index patter … nor services or spans or anything. In Application analytics, we see services only from first index. There is no option to add or choose source in Trace analytics.
Its possible to add services from second index ? Are there some requirements which index template need to have or something ?

We use OpenSearch and Dashboards in version v2.6.0.
Our cluster have security plugin, but we use admin user with permissions.

Please help us with those troubles, I already try everything and I slowly stop enjoying this.
Thank you.

You can see, in Event analytics there are trace data from second index, but no in Trace analytics, i dont understand this.

These are templates we used for second custom index:

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