Trace Analytics / Indices required


I’m using Kibana Trace Analysis plugin along with opentelemtry java agent and data-prepper.

We use one elasticsearch cluster to monitor performance of multiple applications.

I configured the security plugin in order to give specific rights to each user :
user A sees application A indices : otel-v1-apm-*appA
user B sees application B indices : otel-v1-apm-*appB

This works for span indices since the Kibana Trace Analysis plugin is seeking for data that match otel-v1-apm-span-*

But, for service map data, the plugin didn’t find anay data, because it’is seeking for exact indice name : otel-v1-apm-service-map

Can this rule be extended to seek data in indices that match otel-v1-apm-service-map-*

Hi wassim.dhib, I see you created a PR to add this, I commented on the PR about updating unit test snapshots. Once github action passes I’ll merge your change, then it should work for you. Thanks!