One-Click Correlation of Traces and Logs

Hi all,

I’m aware of the fact that, if you want to view app logs belonging to a certain trace-id, all you have to do is copy that trace id and fire up a quick search on your app-log index.

But is there a way to have an all-in-one view for traces and logs? (E.g. clicking on a trace id shows all related log events)

If not, are there any plans to add such functionality?

Thanks for your help and cheers,


Hi @tlongo, currently only span and service map indices from data-prepper are used.

In 1.2, Trace Analytics will be moved into a new plugin called Observability as it is. And we will add a new App Analytics to Observability in the future, which is an unified Application availability view with trace and log data. I don’t have an ETA right now but you can track this issue App Analytics dashboards · Issue #131 · opensearch-project/observability · GitHub

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