How can I connect Alfresco Community Edition 7.1 with OpenSearch

I try to search in this web and google also but cannot found information. Please help, Thank you.

@chanwitkepha I’m not familiar with Alfresco. Could you describe what your trouble is?

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Alfresco is an open source CMS… They use ElasticSearch embedded as a backend. Alfresco Docs - Configure external integrations

Not sure that OpenSearch is supported or what the OP is asking about exactly :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer. I’m referring to Alfresco Community Edition 7.X (Free version of Alfresco Content Service). I have been try searching solution for connect this edition with OpenSearch or ElasticSearch but I cannot found it.

I would follow the instructions for Elasticsearch (posted by @jkowall above) and see what happens. Not being intimately familiar with Alfresco, I’m not sure if there is anything that would specifically block OpenSearch. If you run into any problems, post them here and we can try to help out.