Hosted or local? scripting

Hello everyone,
I have questions about the hosted version and the “local” version of elasticsearch:

  • are there any functional differences between the two?
  • I tried the hosted version and it works fine. However, I cannot understand if and how much I can customize kibana. If I wanted to create a form that contains a button that will trigger a REST call. Can I do it with the hosted version? Or is it easier with the local version (maybe installed on a virtual machine)? In general, if I wanted to create my own scripts, what do you recommend?
  • are there any price differences between the hosted and “local” version?


Define “hosted” version- do you mean Amazon Elasticsearch Service?

FYI - Open Distro is free, open source software.

With hosted I mean “Elastic search hosted on GCP”

GCP doesn’t currently run Open Distro to my knowledge.