Amazon Elasticsearch Service == Open Distro for Elastic Search?

Hi guyz,

I would like to use Open Distro for a project but ideally, I would prefer not to manage a server and rely on a managed service.

I was wondering is Amazon ElasticSearch is a managed service for Open Distro?

If yes, it is the latest version? Is there any limitations?

If I want a personalized version of Kibana, can I create a separate Kibana instance and link it to AWS elasticsearch instance?


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I got the answer from amazon team this morning. Amazon elastic search doesn’t have yet on the feature from open distro.

I have this scenario and I would like to know if it is possible:

I have a web application where users can create forms and collect data. I would like to integrate open distro to provide an analytics platform where users can analyze the collected data.
The app is a multi-tenant application and auth0 is used for authentification.

Now, can I create a instance of Kibana (Open Distro) configured with SAML SSO and multi tenant, and link it to an elastic search instance on Amazon Elastic Search?

I have a similar use case and I am curious of this as well. If I find anything I will try and give you an update as well.