Golang Client Libraries: olivere/elastic , elastic/go-elasticsearch

Any concerns going forward with the existing Golang client libraries? I use olivere/elastic currently , and AWS has elastic/go-elasticsearch .

Would the OpenDistro community ever take a project like GitHub - olivere/elastic: Deprecated: Use the official Elasticsearch client for Go at https://github.com/elastic/go-elasticsearch and “accept” it into the Organization, in order to give it more funding and visibility?

Hey C.J.! Welcome!

That’s a great question. Is olivere/elastic looking for a home?

Not actively. But it’s only really maintained by the one core maintainer, Oliver Eilhard → buy him a coffee :slight_smile: . It’s robust and lots of folks use it. MIT Licensed.

So, I did surface this with some of the leadership on my side. Client libraries are not quite something that the project is ready to take on at the moment (our hands are full, as you can imagine). But I wouldn’t rule out lending Oliver a hand.

Client libraries did come up in our last community meeting - I started a thread.