Generate csv inactive on Discower

I cannot export csv from discover: when i click to Repoting - generate to csv not active.
Version Kibana: [1.13.2]

But if i create report based on query - all work fine. Why?

I believe Discover needs an ObjectID in order to generate the visual report in headless chrome. Try saving your search first, and then Generate CSV should be active.


Hi @kvngar , Is there any specific pattern expected for ObjectID to enable Generate CSV report in Discover page?

Hi @saran2dec - I believe as long as you’ve saved your search (not your query) - then you should be able to generate a CSV from Discover. @CyberGod - can you confirm?

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@saran2dec No specific patterns expected. Only if it’s saved then it’s fine.

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Thanks @kvngar @CyberGod. But if we import the saved search(ndjson) with id in the form of ‘ssh-user-profile-summary’, the Generate CSV is not working. No action was performed.

Imported the saved search with id as string like ‘sfh-user-summary-search’. Trying to generate CSV for the saved search in Discover page reporting link. But no action is performed.
However the same ‘Generate CSV’ is working for other saved search created on the kibana server. Is there any restriction/validation for generating csv in kibana reporting plugin?