Share -> CSV Reports -> Generate CSV forbidden opendistro v1.13.2 with elasticsearch v7.10.2

Anyone seen this? Any ideas what’s wrong? Kibana creates a popup that simply says “Reporting Error Forbidden”
This happens with normal users, and with a user that has the ‘all_access’ role.

However, it works fine form Reporting->GenerateCSV. Why does that work, but Share->CSVreports->GenerateCsv does not?

Btw, how are ‘Share->CSV Reports->GenerateCSV’ and ‘Reporting->GenerateCSV’ different?


i think i had similar issue when below advanced setting in kibana was enabled.


once i disbaled it via kibana → stack management → Advanced Settings and then tried to Generate CSV report i was able to get the CSV file. Let me know if this helps


state:storeInSessionStorage was already ‘Off’ (the default). I tried setting it ‘On’, but that made no difference. I.e. either way, same result: Forbidden to exportcsv.