CSV Export Of Logs

Is there a way to take export of logs from the Discover tab in Opendistro Kibana? I am able to save a search but I don’t see a way to take CSV export of the saved search.

Note this is not the CSV export of data from a saved Visualization, which we are able to do.


A saved search is nothing but a query. Right? In that case, you can make use of the tool es2csv wherein you can export the results of query to CSV. I remember using it against ES 5.x but haven’t tested it against ES 7.x which is what the opendistro for ES uses.

@sandeepkanabar Thanks. That is definitely an option but I was hoping there is an easy way to export this from Kibana as you can in official (elastic) Kibana. Throwing a CLI option to our tenants just adds friction in the process.

@rkredux We are coming up with a new Kibana Reports feature. Please check out the UX Documentation and the Kibana Reports repository for more details.


Please check out Reporting - Open Distro Documentation for the recently launched reporting feature.

Sadly it does not work for everyone (including me):