Impossible to download csv file

I’m using the OpenDistro version Kibana 7.6.1
My users would like to export logs in table format ( CSV ) from Kibana dashboards. The tables we are using in our dashboards are in the form of “Discover” saved searches. I noticed that this feature is available in the latest version of Base distribution of Kibana 7.7.1 management.
Do you have any plans to add it to Opendistro?

Kibana 7.7.1

Thanks in advance for your answer and for the tool it’s very useful.

@yanisyes My understanding is that this functionality will be part the Reporting plug-in that is in development. In the last ODFE community conf call/meeting, I believe the developers indicated that this plug-in will be available with the next release (i.e. ODFE 1.12.0) expected before the end of the year.

Please check out Reporting - Open Distro Documentation for the recently launched reporting feature.

@virajph I took a quick look at ODFE 1.12.0 and the new Reporting plugin last month. As I recall, the “Download CSV” option was NOT available for the table objects in my dashboards. The only Reporting capabilities for dashboards appeared to be produce PNG and/or PDF versions of the dashboards…which weren’t much more than screenshots of the current screen. Did I miss the download CSV option for dashboards? I did see it from the Reporting menu on the DISCOVER (query) panel.

You can export a dashboard to a PDF/PNG. CSV export is available in Discover.

@virajph Can you share a screen-shot of CSV export button in Discover?