Function score query support

Hi all!

After being very concerned about the future of the function score query in the Elasticsearch and being able to push it back and gain some time before the feature removal, I wonder if OpenSearch community wants to go in the same direction or we will keep function score query in the engine? :thinking:

I would like to have it there without deprecation and further removal if possible :pray:

Thanks in advance for any info on the topic! :slightly_smiling_face:


@kris @searchymcsearchface @carlmead maybe you guys will be able to help me with this topic? Thanks in advance for any tips / hints :slight_smile:

Hey @lrynek - looks like I missed this topic originally - sorry about that!

The ES roadmap didn’t carry over to OpenSearch - and this feature wasn’t actually deprecated when OpenSearch forked and it’s not on the OpenSearch roadmap to deprecate it currently. Additionally, the ES Roadmap has no bearing on the OpenSearch roadmap since the fork. All that said: I think you don’t have to worry about it!

As a general statement, OpenSearch uses SemVer to version, so for the project to deprecate anything you would have warning of at least a minor version and it would only be removed in a major version.

Additionally, the project is community driven - so if you are using it and it’s not blocking other users, I don’t see why OpenSearch would remove it.


Hey @searchymcsearchface Thank you for the response. Awesome then, sort of relief here :relieved::sweat_smile: