Is Opensearch planning to remove the mapping types too?

Elasticsearch will remove mapping types in their version 8. Will this also be the case in Opensearch? Or is this actually moot because the fork was made from Elasticsearch version 7.10.2 and this functionality was already disabled there? That is, all indexes that are created in Opensearch are already created without this mapping type and nothing else needs to be taken into account?

I refer to this link: Removal of mapping types | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic


I believe they are deprecated in 7.10.2 where OpenSearch forked, however because OpenSearch uses semantic versioning, the only place the project would change from ‘deprecated’ to ‘removed’ would be at major versions. As of right now, that is not in the roadmap for 2.0.0.


Just a quick clarification on that: as @searchymcsearchface mentioned, they are deprecated and it is not possible (at least, should not be possible) to create index with mapping types or use existing index with mapping types anymore in Opensearch 1.x. It would probably make sense to include the mapping types removal into 2.0.0 roadmap, what do you think @searchymcsearchface ?

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yes exactly reta. That was my assumption. Elasticsearch marked it as obsolete and no longer supported it. As a result, all indexes created with opensearch 1.x do not have this “migration” problem.

Thanks for clarifying

So, if someone moved from an earlier version of ES and those indexes still exist the engine still supports it?

Either way, it’s likely something that should be properly opened for discussion in github so it could get on the roadmap.

@searchymcsearchface only if you move from 5.x to 6.x. In 7.x (1.x for OpenSearch) it is not possible anymore (the 5.x indices have to be fully reindexed to make their way into 7.x / 1.x). I will open the issue shortly, thank a lot @searchymcsearchface @ezienecker !


Thanks @reta! Throw the link here when you get it up, if you don’t mind.

[Meta] Remove mapping types · Issue #1940 · opensearch-project/OpenSearch · GitHub, @searchymcsearchface please feel free to add 2.0.0 label to it (I cannot sadly), thank you!