Support for Elastic 7.x

I understand the Open Distro will lag behind stable Elastic releases, and that 7.0 is a relatively major change. Any anticipated timetable or lag for Open Distro release supporting Elastic 7.x?



What changes? If you are talking about the removal of types this can still be achieved in 6.7 by using include_type_name=false

Hi. Yes we are working on ES 7.0 support and anticipate having it available within a few weeks. Ultimately we would like to shrink this window down to just a couple of weeks but ES 7 is a pretty significant change as you can imagine.



@carlmead Will you be able to provide any visibility into ES 7.0 support ?

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Hi @yuvaraj We’re working on 7.0 support - rolling out shortly - keep a lookout for the announcement!

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Thanks & Sure @alolitas

Is there any update for support for ES 7.1.1? Or is there a guide for building? I tried following this guide (GitHub - opendistro-for-elasticsearch/deprecated-security-parent: [DO NOT USE - DEPRECATED as of v1.4.0] Parent repo for Open Distro Security plugin; Merged into security repo.) but I get a lot of errors surrounding OpenSSL, even thou that is installed. I am specifically interested in LDAP support, that is my main goal of using this plugin.