FreeBSD support and packaging


Short version - Please provide ODS packages for FreeBSD, right now stock ELK is available in its ports.

I am planning to roll out a production log aggregation and monitoring system, and ODS fits the bill by checking lot of items off the checklist. This is after I evaluated GLP(Grfana, Loki and Prometheus) and stock ELK.

However, I am doing this on FreeBSD and not GNU/Linux, so will the stock .tar.gz files of BSD work with the OpenJDK(6,7, 8, and 12!, search for ‘freshports openjdk’) packaged in FreeBSD?

If not, for time being, I can go with the packaged ports of ELK from ELK on FreeBSD, currently at version 6.8. You can search for ‘freshports elastic6|kibana6|logstash6’.

And was wondering whether the stock logstash will work with ODS?


There are too many bashisms and Linuxisms in the the tar.gz file available, maybe a future release would have better distribution agnostic installer(or a native package here or in the FreeBSD repository.), like using /bin/sh instead of /bin/bash. For now I will move on with the ELK stack. I cannot spend time trying to get ODS working on BSD.