FOSSY 2023, Portland OR

Excited to be heading to FOSSY 2023 here in Portland OR next week. Anyone else going? Be sure to look for me, I’ll have OpenSearch stickers to hand out.

a few of the talks I’m personally looking forward to:

How you write matters in open source - Kyle ‘@searchymcsearchface’ Davis, Senior Developer Advocate for Bottlerocket and Finch at AWS (as well as ex-OpenSearch) :slight_smile:

Lessons Learned From Scaling An Open Source Community By 10,000% - Angie Byron, Director of Community at Aiven

Open Source Anti-Patterns - Tom “spot” Callaway, Principal Open Source Strategist for AWS

Contributor Growth Strategies for OSS Projects - Dr. Dawn Foster, Director of Data Science for the CHAOSS project


Unconference: DEI and FOSS & Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics - Georg Link, Open Source Strategist, co-founder of the Linux Foundation CHAOSS Project

Are you going? What presentations are you looking forward to?