An OpenSearch Dev's experience at the Open Source Summit North America 2022

Last week, I had the privilege to attend the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit for North America. As a developer from OpenSearch I was joined with by @dimwetoth, @kris and @carlmead, along with members from several other AWS teams that contribute and maintain open source projects to work the AWS booth.

An aspect of OpenSearch I got to learn about was how HelmCharts Helm | Charts seems to be the way of kicking the tires within the OpenSearch community. I have never used it myself so I’ve got some homework to give it a try. Many customers wanted to talk about migration to OpenSearch - awesome!

I was able to talk with a developer from with an open source project that might align with contribution to OpenSearch, OPA, after explaining my use case and getting some contact info I’ve got much more confidence to move that investigation forward. Follow my github account if you are curious.

On the more human interaction level, by partnering with Kris we meet up with a managed OpenSearch provider, Instaclustr Managed OpenSearch® - Instaclustr, their sales team enthusiastically wanted to thank us for sticking with the Apache license. By striking up conversations with several industry professional to talk about their challenges and where they are going, giving me a couple projects to look out for.

When times were slower at the booth I got to networking inside of Amazon with SDMs, Recruiting and Professional Services – knowing who else is working on open source project and having someone to commiserate with on shared problems / potential co-authors for docs to address these in the future.

It was a cool opportunity, which has charged me up for thinking about how we can make our next events even better. No matter who you are if you’ve got the chance, I would highly encourage taking the opportunity to get out there and meet customers, developers, and partners face to face. I’ll be at OpenSearchCon, see y’all there!