FluentD giving error for data replication from mysql to Opendistro ES

Hi All,

I am working on pushing my single mysql data to Opendistro Elasticsearch using fluentd mysql-replicator plugin , But my fluentd throwing following error.

I have tried below opendistro certificates and mentioned those in fluentd config file but still getting same error. root-ca.pem,esnode.pem,esnode-key.pem,kirk.pem,kirk_key.pem

error_class=OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError error=“SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed (unable to get local issuer certificate)”

FluentD config file:

      @type mysql_replicator

      # Set connection settings for replicate source.
      host xxx.xx.xx.xx
      port 6036
      username root
      password xxxx
      database testdb

      # Set replicate query configuration.
      query SELECT tutorial_id, tutorial_title from mysqles;
      primary_key tutorial_id
      interval 10s

      # Enable detect deletion event not only insert/update events. (default: yes)
      # It is useful to use `enable_delete no` that keep following recently updated record with this query.
      # `SELECT * FROM search_test WHERE DATE_ADD(updated_at, INTERVAL 5 MINUTE) > NOW();`
      enable_delete no

      # Format output tag for each events. Placeholders usage as described below.
      tag replicator.testdb.mysqles.${event}.${primary_key}
      # ${event} : the variation of row event type by insert/update/delete.
      # ${primary_key} : the value of `replicator_manager.settings.primary_key` in manager table.

    <match replicator.**>
       @type mysql_replicator_elasticsearch

      # Set Elasticsearch connection.
      port 9200
      # You can configure to use SSL for connecting to Elasticsearch.
      ssl true

      # Basic authentication credentials can be configured
      username xxxxx
      password xxxxx
      scheme https
      ssl_version TLSv1_2
      ca_file /fluentd/etc/certs/root-ca.pem
      client_cert /fluentd/etc/certs/esnode.pem
      client_key /fluentd/etc/certs/esnode-key.pem
      kirk_file /fluentd/etc/certs/kirk.pem
      kirk_key /fluentd/etc/certs/kirk_key.pem
      kibana_key /fluentd/etc/certs/opendistroforelasticsearch.example.org.cert
      # Set Elasticsearch index, type, and unique id (primary_key) from tag.
      #tag_format (?<index_name>[^\.]+)\.(?<_doc>[^\.]+)\.(?<primary_key>[^\.]+)$
      #tag_format (?<index_name>[^\.]+)\.(?<_doc>[^\.]+)\.(?<event>[^\.]+)\.(?<primary_key>[^\.]+)$
      tag_format (?<index_name>[^\.]+)\.(?<type_name>[^\.]+)\.(?<event>[^\.]+)\.(?<primary_key>[^\.]+)$

      # Set frequency of sending bulk request to Elasticsearch node.
      flush_interval 5s

      # Set maximum retry interval (required fluentd >= 0.10.41)
      #max_retry_wait 1800

      # Queued chunks are flushed at shutdown process.
      # It's sample for td-agent. If you use Yamabiko, replace path from 'td-agent' to 'yamabiko'.
      flush_at_shutdown yes
      buffer_type file


@sreekanth and @opendistro team

Please help


Though I do not have any experience with fluentd, the error seems to be a mismatch of the certificates. Are these self-signed certificates that you are using or third party signed certificates.
Basically the message is complaining that is not able to identify the root signer of the certificate.
Are the certs signed by the same root signer at both the fluentd and Elasticsearch level?

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I a wondering if I am seeing a similar issue.

So far I have disabled security on elasticsearch, this can be seen here.

FROM amazon/opendistro-for-elasticsearch:1.12.0
RUN /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin remove opendistro_security
COPY --chown=elasticsearch:elasticsearch elasticsearch.yml /usr/share/elasticsearch/config/

As far as I can tell this fixes the issue with fluentd sending data when I query it with example below.

curl -XGET http://localhost:9200/fluentd-*/_search?pretty=true

Although now I have an issue not being able to log into kiabana…

@sreekanth thanks
But I am using default certificates(which come along with opendistro) esnode.pem,esnode-key.pem and root-ca.pem using at both elasticsearch and fluent side so certiifcates at both sides are exactly same.
which basic_internal_auth_domain and clientcert_auth_domain(config file in ```
/usr/share/elasticsearch/plugins/opendistro_security/securityconfig/) should be used for this setup.

Not sure I understand your last statement, but did you try checking the certificate being presented when you query the ES from fluentd machines. You could try the openssl command to see if the correct certificate is being presented, infact you should see the entire chain being presented, if it does not that can also lead to this error.


Could you try to add ssl_verify false to FluentD configuration?