Integrate Logstash or fluentd with Open Distro for Elasticsearch


I am trying to use logstash and fluentd in two different Instances to test logs forwarding. However I am get in to some issues which are related to SSL certificates. I could see the logs are receiving to the OpenDistro node in a tcpdump, but nothing has been inserted to the Elasticsearch.

should I need to use https instead of http in all over the configurations? Can you please share a little guide to fix this configuration issue?

Thank you

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Is you issue resolved, I have same issue with you. If you fixed your issue, please post it in this topic. thanks.


Yes, I managed to resolve the issue. Try the following config in your td-agent.conf

<match *.**>
@type elasticsearch
hosts https://admin:admin@localhost:9200
scheme https
ssl_verify false
ssl_version TLSv1_2
logstash_format true
logstash_prefix fluentd
enable_ilm true
index_date_pattern “now/m{}”
flush_interval 10s


Hi Luke,

Can you share your logstash config and Filebeat config like below?

Logstash config:

input {

file {

path => “/var/log/messages”

start_position => “beginning”



filter {


output {

elasticsearch {

hosts => [“”]

index => “messages-%{+YYYY-MM-dd}”

user => admin

password => admin

ssl => true

ssl_certificate_verification => false

ilm_enabled => false

cacert => “/etc/logstash/root-ca.pem”


Filebeat Config:


enabled: true

path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml

setup.ilm.overwrite: true

setup.ilm.enabled: false


ssl.verification_mode: none

hosts: [“localhost”]

username: “admin”

password: “admin”


host: “localhost”

logging.level: debug

logging.to_files: true


path: /var/log/filebeat

name: filebeat

keepfiles: 7

permissions: 0644

Best Regards,

Stone Liu

Sorry to spam some older posts - but wanted to mention for fluentd - please look to the newly released fluent-plugin-opensearch
link: GitHub - fluent/fluent-plugin-opensearch: OpenSearch Plugin for Fluentd