Opendistro security with fluentD for sending Logs

Is there a way where we can use fluentd and keep the security of opendistro enabled. Currenly I am trying to send the logs from my fluentd server to the elasticsearch server. Only If I disable the security, the logs reach the server or else I get a 502 error.
Is there anyway with which I can send the logs and keep the security enabled.

Hey. Can you please tell me how did you disable opendistro security? I am having a problem with my fluentd working with opendistro.

Thank you in advance!

you can set the security values as false in the elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml files.

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@rohan @misthars please look to the newly released fluent-plugin-opensearch
link: GitHub - fluent/fluent-plugin-opensearch: OpenSearch Plugin for Fluentd