Filter Options list missing

We are having issues with filter options, none of the fileds provides options list while filtering, what can be possible causes? how we can debug it? does template required for filed value options list to be available?

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You can check or refresh the index pattern to solve issue with filter options not showing up in OpenSearch Dashboards.

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tried refresh but it shows “There are not any options available”. Is there any way to debug it?

@ilyas just to be clear, it is not about fileds list, indeed refreshing index pattern may add new fields. But issue is when I filter field I expect to get possible field values on available options but it does not shows them

  1. Check mappings and data: Make sure that the fields you want to filter on are present in your index mapping and that the data is indexed correctly. You can use the _mapping API to check your index mapping and the _search API to check the indexed data.
  2. Verify the field types: Ensure that the fields you want to filter on have the appropriate field types. For example, if you want to filter on a date range, the field should be of type date. Check the mapping and update the field types if required.
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@213009edu by mapping you mean index template? it is important? I think now it does automatic templating