Feature Request - Kibana KQL Autocompletion

Kibana KQL Autocompletion is not included as part of OSS Kibana and therefore does not appear to be a feature in OpenDistro Kibana.

You can see a screenshot of this feature in action here: Kibana Query Language | Kibana Guide [7.9] | Elastic

It would be very helpful if this feature could be brought to OpenDistro Kibana.

Thank you

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Opendisto team - regarding Kibana KQL Autocompletion, are there any more details you would like to help provide clarity for this request?

Is there any hope for KQL autocomplete?

How can I use an OpenDistro if one of the most important and useful features is missing?
Why do I need kibana without autocomplete feature?
The questions are rhetorical, as I see that there are no answers to uncomfortable questions.

While I don’t believe there has been any progress in relation to KQL (or what opensearch dahsboards now calls DQL) … it looks like autocomplete may be available with PPL soon: https://github.com/opensearch-project/trace-analytics/issues/292