Export csv for more then 10000 lines


I would like to export a csv report for more than 10000 results.
Do you know how to configure that parameter? I am using the opensearch on aws.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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You can’t easily do this. There is a currently API that allows for this but it’s not considered public (it might change at any time). There is also an issue on GitHub

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Is this still an outstanding issue, as of 1.3.1 ?
(It seems to be. :frowning: )

Humm. Looks like the issues are closed. Care to dip in on this @CyberGod ?

Looks like it is a “To Do” item:

@sieutruc Hi this issue has been there for a long time, and being brought up a lot, we might need to prioritize it. Currently the 10000 result is hardcoded in reporting. But the value is referenced from the default OpenSearch search size. Later we may consider

  1. pass along the above config from OS to OSD(reporting logic lives in OSD), so that user can set it according to their needs.
  2. Introduce pagination to allow bigger results(need research)