Expanding the "Search Relevance" community meeting to cover all aspects of “Search"

We are proposing to expand the “Search Relevance” community meeting every Wednesday 9 AM PST to to cover all aspects of “Search”, including core search functionalities, query capabilities, resiliency, and relevance. We can also use the time to review roadmap of various streams, and gather broader feedback on planning and releases.

Next Meeting Iteration : Search Relevance Backlog & Triage Meeting , Wed, Jan 24, 2024, 9:00 AM | Meetup

Here are the areas we are inviting feedback on:

1. Rotating hosts: Moving forward, community members can take turns hosting this weekly meeting. This approach aims to enhance community involvement and collaboration, offering greater flexibility in shaping the agenda under the guidance of the designated weekly host.

Every participant can have the opportunity to volunteer as a host for a duration of 2-4 weeks. We can then implement a rotation system, ensuring that hosting responsibilities are distributed in a round-robin fashion among the volunteers for conducting the meetings.

2. Meeting Name: Change the name of the meeting from “Search Relevance Backlog & Triage Meeting” to “Search Backlog & Triage Meeting” to better convey the purpose of the meeting to a wider audience and encourage increased participation.

3. Agenda Update: Revised agenda for the future :

  • Introduction (5 mins)

    • Host’s Intro
    • What do we cover here?
    • New members Intro
  • Triage New Search Issues -

  • New Contributors Can Pick Up Issues -

  • Project Roadmap Review (one per week - host can help pick), ex -

  • Varying Topics

    • Attendees put their name next to a topic below or add their own topic
    • Specific topic which were raised of interest from the previous meeting

We welcome community input and any concerns related to this change as we move forward.
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I think this is a good next step. I love the rotating hosts idea. Driving some meeting improvements, bringing in topics that are important to them for a bit, but also keeping and growing a strong community around this meeting. Thanks for suggesting, Saurabh. I changed the meeting and also added you as a meetup host: Search Backlog & Triage Meeting , Wed, Jan 24, 2024, 9:00 AM | Meetup

Do we want to keep using the Google Doc here? Agenda - OpenSearch Public Search Relevance Meeting - Google Docs or move all of this into the forum?

I’ll leave the Google doc for at least this week.